Sana Christian and Terry Allwein form the duo affectionately called, at
times, “Patchouli.” Having played in The Cast Musical Band for many years,
they decided to leave the bar scene and go acoustic. They play old and new
folk music. Their repertoire does include several hours of dance music, with
the electric guitar, bass, and drums all pre-recorded by Terry. This last
summer Sana and Terry were sent to Italy to play a wedding – one hour of
folk music and three hours of dance music – classic rock. When asked what
kind of music they play, Sana wisecracks, “OLD!” Many of the songs they play
are assumed to be “originals,” to which they reply, “Of COURSE, we only play
originals!” (-originals by their friends, Bob, Jim, Graham, Jimi,
Bonnie….you get the picture!) Sana and Terry are known for inviting others
to sit in, backing them up with guitars and harmonies. They played 8 years
at (Aric’s) Java Cafe and Brew Pub on Thursday nights, calling the gig,
“Sana and Friends” because it was similar to an open mic! They are best
known for their sweet harmonies and their silliness. To the burning and
oft-asked question, “Are they ‘together’?” they respond with, “Uh, no. Why
would I want to date my brother/sister?” Yes, they are siblings, sharing
different mothers, uh, AND different fathers!?!
Sana and Terry are available for your private events – wedding, birthday,
Bar/Bas Mitzvah, anniversary, freedom, corporate, holiday, picnics,
WHATEVER!!!- formal or casual . If you want a special song for your
occasion, they will learn it! You can provide a CD and sheet music or charts.

Call (916) 833-5693 or Email to bring the magic of Sana and Terry into YOUR special

Live performances